Setting lofty goals

I bid on a collection of music from a violinists estate. Close to 170 lbs. according to shipping estimates. As we say in Texas, “That’s a shitload.”

My dear violin teacher (and beloved friend) commented that this collection was somebody’s prized possession. Their Treasure. And I was lucky to have it.

Treasure. She’s absolutely right. Hidden in the piles of gold are gleaming gems of music. Part of the reason I started this journal was to document our exploration of this collection.  The other part was so I could start doing something productive with my time online.

This was someone’s treasure that was lovingly amassed over a lifetime. I feel honored to have this collection and will make sure each piece of music is acknowledged, played and loved.

I did not know Mr. Madden in life, but through music we will know his spirit. 

And we are starting this journey with Telemann Fantasia for solo violin No. 10. in D Major.


4 responses to “Setting lofty goals

  1. I miss him dearly but knew him only later in his life and was never fortunate enough to hear him play. I am so excited to learn more about his passion by following along!

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