Getting Started. Again.

My husband is a pretty good guitarist. He is also a study in what sheer determination and endless repetition can accomplish. He has zero natural musical ability. But he is not afraid to put in the work to make up for it. He will sit down and play a riff until he cannot get it wrong. And it may be thousands of times.

||: Over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. :||

I’m lucky and have an ear for music. So shame on me for spending my youth polishing off vodka martini’s and instead of polishing my musical skills. I was inspired as I watched my husband practice and struggle and succeeded. I thought “If this guy can learn to play the guitar by sheer determination and grit, I can certainly do the same on the violin!”

That was the first of two revelations that put me back on the path to playing the violin.

This is where it went, but where did it begin? See Getting Started

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