Getting Started.

The first time I saw a violin up close was in the bedroom of my childhoods best friend’s big sister. She played in the schools orchestra. And I thought it was soooo much cooler than the lame piano that I was learning to play. I would sneak into her room and peek into the case. I desperately wanted to play and counted down the days until I entered middle school so I could join the orchestra.

Imagine my disappointment when I learned our school did not have an orchestra. I could play the clarinet like my brother in the marching band. But that would be like drinking tea when all you really want is a cup of coffee.

So I joined the bell choir.

After I had graduated college, I saved up some money and bought my first violin. Like when I was a little girl, I stole peeks at it. Not daring to touch it for fear it would break. I found a lovely teacher and started my own violin journey.

After 2 months, my company dissolved our department and I had to move cities to find employment. And that violin sat dormant for 15 years.

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