Eugène Ysaÿe :: Six Sonatas for solo violin

In 1923 this Belgian born violinist, composer and conductor wrote 6 Sonata’s each dedicated to one of his contemporary violinists:

    • Joseph Szigeti (No. 1)
    • Jacques Thibaud (No. 2)
    • George Enescu (No. 3)
    • Fritz Kreisler (No. 4)
    • Mathieu Crickboom (No. 5)
    • Manuel Quiroga (No. 6)

These are considered highly technically demanding. But Ysaÿe warned that performers should remember to play the music and not get so preoccupied on the technical aspects of the pieces.

A violin master “must be a violinist, a thinker, a poet, a human being, he must have known hope, love, passion and despair, he must have run the gamut of the emotions in order to express them all in his playing.”

Sonate No. 1

Sonate No. 2

Sonate No. 3

Sonate No. 4

Starts around the 1:45 mark

Sonate No. 5

Sonate No. 6

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