Johann Sebastian Bach – Partita for solo violin Nº 2 in D minor, BWV 1004. 1720. Chaconne.

Bach holds a special place in my heart. And this piece is just gorgeous.

The music for this is one of the many found in the Concert Violin Solos the Whole World Plays. This was published in 1919 by D. Appleton and Co. There is a note on the inside of the book from the publisher, addressed to the violinist that states:

Concert violin Solos The Whole World Plays presents under one cover most of the great violin compositions in daily concert use by distinguished virtuosos – works which have heretofore been published only separately at a cost for individual numbers equal in many instances to the publishers’ price for this entire volume. Each composition is presented in its original unabridged form, while the phrasing and fingering ard founded upon the practice of great artist-pedagogues such as Joachim, Wilhelmji, Sitt, Hubay, Dancla, Demerit, Leonard and many others. Concert performers and advanced students alike will find it a valuable collection for reference, study or public performance.

– The Editor

I feel lucky to have this.

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